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      A Professional Breast Lift in Kansas City

      Anyone will notice that the overall shape and appearance of their breasts will begin to change with time. For many, pregnancy, nursing, fluctuating weight and even gravity and aging can have a lot to do with the softening and sagging of breast tissue.

      If you happen to be a woman who is unhappy with the shape of her breasts or even the firmness and fullness, you can consider having breast surgery, or mastopexy, done to lift them.

      This is a procedure that is done to firm up the breasts by working to raise them and tighten the surrounding tissue to both reshape and support new breasts. Most patients will normally find that a lift will accompany breast augmentation to help lift, firm and increase the size of the breasts overall.

      How Is A Mastopexy Done?

      breast-lift-kansas-cityThe procedure for a breast lift will be done as an outpatient procedure, usually with the patient having general anesthesia and it will usually take around an hour and a half to two hours.

      A breast lift can be done in a number of ways, using a variety of techniques and incision patterns. The method used for you will usually be based upon the following:

      • The size and shape of your breasts
      • Size and positioning of your areolas, which are the small, darker portion around the nipples
      • The degree of sagging in each breast
      • The quality and the elasticity of the breasts, along with the amount of excess skin that may be present.

      Every breast lift is going to call for an incision to help remove some of the extra skin while even using some remaining skin for repositioning.

      With all of the different techniques that are available, your surgeon will work to make sure that the right incisions are made to lift the skin to achieve a look that you desire.

      To achieve the best results, an expert will usually recommend putting together both a breast lift and augmentation, especially if there is a significant loss in terms of volume. The two procedures can and usually are done at the same time, however there may be a need for revisions later on to achieve optimal results.

      What To Expect

      Even though you may see immediate, visible results from your breast life, the shape and the positioning will continue to settle over the weeks and months as you heal. The incision markings are permanent, however they will also fade over time.

      Even though the results of a breast lift will last for a long time, your breasts will still continue to stay on a course for change over the years. Continuing on a healthy path and visiting your physician for follow ups will give you the best and longest lasting results. If you are not happy, you might also consider breast implants.