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      Different Types of Breast Implants used in Kansas City

      Breast implants are used to provide a desired size and shape to a breast especially after breast augmentation surgery. Breast implants in Kansas City can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most of them can contain either of these materials:

      Saline: This type of implants contain a saltwater solution. They cost around $1000 per pair. The main advantage this implant has over any other is that in the event that they rupture, the saline can harmlessly be reabsorbed into the body. Also, the doctor does not have to fill the implant beforehand. It can be placed under the skin, after which the doctor can fill it up with the saline solution. The main disadvantage with saline implants is that they tend to feel unnatural as compared to silicone breast implants.

      breast-implants-kansas-citySilicone: This type costs around $2000 per pair. Of all the types of implants, silicone provides the most natural feel. Additionally, they can be shaped into tears. Choosing implants that are shaped to provide a more natural look to the breasts can cost a lot more. Round implants are usually the cheaper option. The choice of the shape of the breast depends on personal choice, goals, body frame and doctor recommendation.

      Cohesive Silicone: These Kansas City implants have been nicknamed ‘Gummy Bear’ implants because of their features. They are soft, pliable but firm; just like the candy itself. This material can be shaped to mimic the shape of the breast, thus enhancing its form. Because these products are still relatively new to the market, they are not as common as their saline or silicone counterparts. However, they are slowly gaining popularity, especially where reconstruction of the breast is required.

      Fat Transfer: This is a relatively new concept of Kansas City breast implants where fat is taken from various parts of the patient’s body and is used as an implant. The cost of this procedure varies because of the cost of liposuction that must be taken into account, too. Fat will need to be taken from one part of the body to be used in breast augmentation. Aside from the cost of liposuction, there are other factors to be considered. Fat transfer will cost anywhere between $5.000 and $10.000.