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      Breast Augmentation Kansas City

      All over the country countless women are choosing breast augmentation surgery in Kansas City as way to improve their self-esteem. Many patients report that breast augmentation surgery has made them feel better about their appearance, after they weighed the pros and cons of the procedure.

      We see patients from Kansas City through the surrounding Missouri area, who decided to choose our clinic to achieve the results they want.

      Who Is A Candidate For Breast Augmentation?

      plastic surgeon explains results of breast surgery testingBreast enlargement procedure is a good choice for all sorts of women who meet some basic criteria. Most women who select this procedure report long lasting positive effects on their self esteem.

      Getting Started

      To be ready for for breast enlargement surgery, we advise our breast augmentation Kansas City patients to become educated on the possible risk of the procedure.

      A medical consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon is strongly advised.

      The surgeon will discuss desired size, health assessment and all of the preparations needed before surgery.

      Are You Healthy Enough For Surgery?

      There are certain medical conditions that may determine whether or not you can have breast enlargement. Those with immune system problems or with cancer are not recommended to have the surgery.

      Also breast enlargement isn’t recommended for those who are feeling outside pressure to have the procedure performed.

      Those with body image problems as well as pregnant or breastfeeding women, shouldn’t have the surgery during this time. Your board-certified plastic surgeon will assess your medical needs and discuss what options are best for you, depending on your unique circumstances.

      What Age Is Best For Best Enlargement?

      Kansas City breast augmentation is usually recommended for women who have passed the age of puberty, as the body is still in development before the early twenties are reached.

      breast-enhancement-surgeryTeenagers may have the procedure preformed under certain circumstances, however, silicone implants can only be implanted on those over the age of 22.

      If you are an older patient you can still have breast enlargement surgery, as long as you are in good health in general.

      Those who fell they are being pressured to have surgery or who suffer from body image issues are not recommended for breast enlargement surgery.

      Also those women who are breastfeeding or pregnant should wait for breast enlargement procedures.

      Sometimes those who are having breast lift procedures opt to have implants as well, this is to create a fuller appearance than the lift surgery alone would provide. You may want to check out the before-and-after photos so you can see the results of breast augmentation for yourself.

      Information About Breast Surgery

      It’s important to think about choosing the right type of implants when getting ready for breast augmentation surgery in our Kansas City facility. You’ll want to think about the the shape, size, and materials of your implants and discuss this with your cosmetic surgeon before hand. He or she can help you fully understand what your options are.

      Sizes of Implants

      breast-implantsToday’s breast implants are available in wide range of sizes that are measures in cubic centimeters.

      A well-versed and certified plastic surgeon can help you pick out the right type of implants based on your anatomy and special needs.

      Choosing implants that are much too large can lead to complications and future surgeries to correct the mistake.

      Implant Shapes

      Breast implants come in teardrop and round varieties. Rounded implants are used to create a more pronounced cleavage, while teardrops look more realistic in shape.

      An additional plus for teardrop implants is that they are textured to prevent displacement after surgery. Most patients make decisions on how which implants to use based on how they want their new breasts to look.

      Fill Materials

      Implants come in two varieties of fills: Saline or Silicone. Most patients report that the silicone implants feel more natural. Because silicone implants are filled up before the procedure, a larger incision is required. Saline implants are housed in textured or smooth casings, they can be tear drop or rounded, and are easier to keep in good repair.

      What Happens During Breast Enlargement Surgery

      There are alot of things to think about before breast enlargement surgery. You’ll want to discuss the details of the surgery with your doctor beforehand. One thing to understand is that future surgeries may be required during the lifetime of your implants. This can include both corrective and replacement surgeries.

      Implant Positioning

      The most non-invasive method is to place the implants submuscularly. This is a process where the surgery postilion the implants under the chest muscles. This is thought to give more realistic results than other methods, like sugglandular where the the implants are positioned above the chest muscles.

      However, the subglandular method has shorter recovery periods, and requires much smaller incisions.

      Where Are The Incisions Made?

      breast-augmentation-kansas-cityOur cosmetic clinic offers a variety of choices when it comes to incision points and placement.

      Our patients may choose to have the incision made in the armpit, aureola, navel, or inframammary fold.

      The aureola and intramammary area offer more precise control duing the surgery, those patients coming back for revisions, will need to have the incision made in one of those areas.

      Also, armpit and navel incisions can’t be used for the placement of silicone implants. Silicone also cannot be used for submusuclar placement utilizing navel incisions.

      Apart from breast augmentations and implants, however, we also offer breast lifts (mastopexy) and breast reduction surgery in our Kansas City facility.

      Breast augmentation is by far one of the most popular forms of plastic surgery practiced in North America. Breast implants from our Kansas City clinic are a wonderful way to achieve the look you always wanted. So get started today and contact us for a free consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon.