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      In breast augmentation, generally an implant is placed within the patient’s breast or chest area. However, a patient can also have an autologous fat transfer, where the patient’s fat is injected into the breast.

      With surgical implants, the surgeon makes an incision in the breast. By lifting the breast tissue, the surgeon can create a pocket where the Kansas City breast implant will be placed.

      With the fat transfer, fat is removed, by liposuction, from body parts that yield fat, such as the abdomen and thighs. The fat is processed before being injected into the breast. This method is still in the experimental stage because of limited data history, but many feel this process shows promise.

      Where will the surgeon place my breast implants?

      There are many factors that effect the exact placement of your implants. These can include your anatomy and the recommendations of your surgeon. Regardless of the exact position, the pocket the surgeon will place the implant is will be located beneath the pectoral muscle, which is between the chest wall and breast tissue. The surgeon may also place the implant on top of the pectoral muscle, under the breast tissue.

      mammoplasty-kansas-cityBy placing the implant under the pectoral muscle, the patient should have less issues with mammograms and breastfeeding, than patients who have the implant on top of the pectoral muscle. The location of the implant is something you should discuss with your surgeon.

      Is breast augmentation safe?

      Breast augmentation in Kansas City is intended to last a lifetime, however, in some cases, it may be necessary to replace the implants. After surgery, it is important to have periodic examinations with a plastic surgeon. They can monitor the implants to determine if there are any problems.

      For years, silicone gel filled implants have been scrutinized to determine if they were safe. The FDA has determined that there is no link between silicone breast implants and breast cancer, connective tissue disease or reproductive issues. This approval came after years of data gathering and meticulous research.

      The FDA has given approval to three companies, to develop and market implants. They are tasked with collecting data on the efficacy and long-term safety of the implants used in breast augmentation. You can find more information on the FDA and the findings on breast implants on the FDA website.

      However, to provide a complete and high quality service, our Kansas city cosmetic surgeons have also specialized in breast lifts to get sagging and hanging breasts back into shape. Another area we focus on is breast reduction surgery, frequently asked for by women whose natural breasts are so large that they’ve become a burden and actually negatively impact spine health and other areas of health.

      Plastic surgeons are continually refining their surgical techniques to increase reliability and safety. A plastic surgeon can give you a consultation, and provide the information necessary for making an informed choice. Contact us today!